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PGS - Postural Game System®

The leading postural program applied in neurophysiology for the restoring of the balance in the inductive receptor (exteroceptors and proprioceptors in the feet) and for the control in (ocular, auditory and vestibular receptors) systems of human antigravitational orthostatism in static (Daedalus) and dynamic (Semelles a Boule) conditions.

Fundamental assistance for today’s therapist
In the body dynamics, to obtain a steady position and to remain straight keeping the various parts of the body balanced between them, we must accomplish a series of postural adjustments, integrated both with an involuntary and voluntary movement, that perform three behavioural functions:
• Support head and body against force of gravity and other external forces;
• Maintain the centre of the body mass aligned and balanced inside the quadrilateral ground support;
• Balance out the body parts that act as support when the other parts are in movement.

The DÆDALUS® is a “proprioceptive footboard” equipped with a labyrinth and a surface support, unevenly balanced on a ball with variable pressure. The Semelles a Boule® are skates with in the place of wheels have an elastic hemisphere which contains a spring with variable springiness, interchangeable, with the possibility to change the position in the anter-back and lateral sense under the surface support of the foot. Changing the position of the hemisphere, the work is privileged, in dynamics, of a muscles chain compared to the other. While, changing the foothold on the board, the pressure changes in the anter-back sense and helicoidal position, passed on by the help of various podal receptors. These two supports allow to stimulate in a specific and progressive way the tonic-postural muscles, physiologically, indirectly, automatically and unconsciously.
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